The Company of St. Anne is an interkingdom equestrian group dedicated to the recreation of the riding skills of the medieval knight. The Company is composed of horsepersons of proven experience and skill from many kingdoms. The members of the Company seek to promote competitive and chivalric equestrian events and chivalric ideals throughout the Knowne World by  example, leadership, participation, and encouragement.

Premier members
Donwenna LaMareschale ,Captain &Founder 
Armand de Sevigny
Agelos Evienece
Rhiannon of  the Isle, Noble Patroness
Jerald of Galloway* 
Manfred von Rothenberg
Thorhalla Bjornadottir
Moyra MacColla

Henri le Hibou du Bois
Julian le Scot
Olaf Bjornssen*
Lorcan Mac Colla
Alexis LaBouche 
Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon
Eleanor Fitzpatrick
Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya
Aurora Danielle Trevelyan
Brenna Caitlin MacGrioghair of Renwick
Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Loch Awe 
Rhys Terafan Greydragon

King of Arms
Thibault de Rocheval (Tibor)

*In Memoriam
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