Jerald of Galloway jerald

General Awards and Honors
Muckin' Great Clubbe (West) Mar AS 5
AoA (West) AS 6
Knight (first knight in An Tir)  AS 7
Silver Rose AS 8
Silver Rose AS 9
Viscount AS 9
Silver Rose AS 10
Leaf of Merit (West) ASXXV
Black Lion Emeritus (The first Black Lion Herald
of An Tir  & designed the An Tir  Kingdom Device)
Goutte de Sang
Jambe de Lion
Leon et de la lance

Equestrian Designations
  • Special Deputy to the Society  Equestrian Officer Equestrian Marshal of the Field for ten years)
  • Advanced Rider
  • Equestrian Marshal Caid
  • Equestrian Marshal
  • Equestrian Marshal
  • Equestrian Marshal
  An Tir

Memorial Page
Click on this link for the Memorial page to see the pictures of various  memorial services and to sign the guest book go here.  Equestrians will see Sir Jerald's belt of knighthood and see the story of how it was passed on to the next knight 10 years after his death.

Summer Hunt 2009 Shire of Earnrokke, An Tir
A Riderless Horse Ceremony and Memorial Tournament was held in Honor of Sir Jerald. The Equestrian Championship at Summer Hunt  on Saturday is now called the Sir Jerald Memorial Equestrian Championship. 

Here are some words as eulogy.  :

A Tribute to Viscount Jerald of Galloway, KSCA
by Denise Harrison (Justinn of the Mares)
Somewhere beyond, a warhorse gives cry,
    And the drumming of hooves begins,
As the lists gain another knight
    To hold the field of heaven.
The stallions scream, the mares do neigh
     To herald the newest companion
And Elysium gains a true defender
      As Jerald rides forth once again.
So cry not sorrow, for a shell now empty
      Cry tears of joy as the spear is taken up
As the lance is regained, and the sword girded once again.
      Let the banner be raised in the angel’d winds.
For the arm is now able as the spirit always was,
      And Jerald rides forth once again.
A finer man n'er rode a horse into the fray,
nor swung a truer sword now or before.
Farewell, but n¿er forgot,
our friend from Galloway,
who rides in peace forever on the moor.
--Armand d'Sevigny, Duc 
He will be sorely missed.  A true horseman, and one of the few I've ever met with whom you could "agree to disagree".  The Known World will be a touch poorer for his loss.

Good journey, Jerald.
I don't know any who won't remember him with a smile. There will be
Sir Jerald stories for years to come, over many a cup.
This has been quite a year for loss. He will be missed.

A candle has been lit and a glass has been charged. Ride safe my
Posted by Baroness Aurora :
An Irish Cowboy's Song

Tis an Irish cowboy melody
'round the campfire's fadin' light
as a gentle air of fair colleen
calms a bedded herd tonight.

It's the end of day for beast and man
and a time for rest to come,
while a nighthawk rides around the herd
and a melody he hums.

Not a hand who lies upon that ground
is an Irishman asleep,
but ol' Erin's song's a welcomed one
for a nightly vigil's keep

For no fairer tune could take the place
of an Irish lullaby,
with a gentle grace and liltin' air
though a hundred angels try.

It's a gift that came from Ireland's sure
and it found a home out here,
as a part of cowboy life and lore
like the horse and longhorn steer

Not a rope, nor horse nor man out there
could have done the job alone,
nor controlled a restless herd each night
if it wasn't for a song.

Like an Irish cowboy melody
'round the campfire's fadin' light
as a gentle air of fair colleen
calms a bedded herd tonight.


Pray all, a moment of silence for another star has
fallen from the AnTiran sky.

This man was the first  knight of AnTir, and as Black
Lion Herald designed AnTir's Arms.

As we strive for the future, let us not forget those
who have forged our past and present and will continue
to be with us in spirit if not in form.

In sorrow and remembrance,
Raffaella  di Contini

I regret that many of our newer Trimarian Equestrians will never have the chance to meet Sir Jerald, it is a huge loss to all of us. 

A great equestrian, a noble competitor and my most beloved knight.  I'm sure that Jerald's Morgan stallion met him at the Rainbow Bridge and that Cisco came along to beg for carrots as well.

They run the Summerlands now, but those of us left behind will still grieve.  THL Myra and I will always wear his belt with pride and remembrance of a noble man and unfailing champion.

He will be missed as a valuable member of the
Equestrian community and one of the few original
shapers of the legacy of the SCA.

Baroness Anastasia Alexandrovna Andreeva (OL)
It's very hard to read about this.

I want to thank Donwenna for having kept in touch with Sir Jerald the past
few weeks and forwarding our emails for him to read. Donwenna said he really enjoyed them.

Sir Jerald had an impact on everyone he met. He was onery as all get out at
times but the man was smart and had a good heart. I was lucky to have been able to work with him with my horse on the medieval games. He'd spend time patiently writing me emails when I didn't understand something from the An Tir Horse list. He helped me out with swordfighting.

I did not know that he had designed An Tir's Arms, and I had not known he
was the first Knight.
I will really miss him.

I look forward to hearing others share their stories.


Some Debts are Never Paid
-a tribute to Sire Jerald from Agelos, Donwenna, Giradis and Ximena
To Jerald from Donwenna, Agelos, Giraldus, and Ximena
29 AUG 2007


Long ago, a Noble Lord had been separated form his fellows while hunting boar.  Without warning a bear emerged form the brush.  The frightened horse reared up, this frightened the bear, so he attacked the horse.  As the horse went down, the Lord stabbed the bear with his spear.  Reeling in pain, the bear ran away.  Knowing the danger of a wounded animal, the Lord followed him.  He knew his fellow Lords would hear the attack and join him.
He had not gotten very far, when he heard the bear again, but this time it was followed by human screams.   He rushed in to see the bear mauling a peasant.  With a few good strokes of his broad sword, he dispatched the bear.  His fellows soon found him, dressing the wounds of the peasant.  They chided him for caring for a man squatting on his land, most of them had been known to put a man to death for living off their land.  But, he had a gentle heart and he felt responsible for the man’s wounds.  He sent for his surgeon and had the man taken to his keep.  The man was a simple peasant; he had no home or family. When he saw the bear attacking, he greeted death as the end of a miserable life.  They took him to the keep and prepared a room for him.  Once he thought he was in heaven.  For even the Lady would help care for him.  When he awoke to see her, he thought her an angel.  When his strength started to return, the Lord went to see him.  “I am sorry about the bear.  But your wounds are healing and soon you will be free to leave.”  The man laughed.  The Lord, thinking the man was making light of his hospitality, became upset.  “If you think I am soft headed as well as softhearted, you are wrong.  You will take with you what you brought in and that is all,” he said.  With a great deal of effort and pain, the man was on his feet.  “You say I am free.  But, because of you I will never be.  My people would say I owe a debt that can never be repaid.  You can send me away, but I will never be far.  I will watch for your enemies, and guard your family when they leave your keep.  I am a dirty, unmannered peasant, but this peasant owes you his life, and some debts are never paid.”  The Lord did not know what to say, so he helped the man back into bed and left.  He decided to keep the man close, where he could be watched.  When the man was fully healed, he was given duties and responsibilities, but this was not enough, he asked to also be trained as a warrior.
Time passed, and the Lord was called to war.  When he rode off, the man rode beside him.  Many times in battle they saved each other’s lives.  The Lord was called many times over the years, and each time the man rode beside him.  Each time, the Lord told the man, “Your debt is paid.”  And each time the man shook his head saying only, “some debts are never paid.”
The Lords family prospered.  The man kept the room he lay dying in so long ago, as his own.  To the children, he was an uncle, and he loved them as his own.  When the only son was fourteen, they were on a boar hunt.  The youngster fell from his horse, in the boar’ path.  He would have been killed, but the man leapt from his horse and stabbed the boar repeatedly. 
As the years passed by, the Lord succumbed to old age.  Still the man sat by his side.  “I bless the bear that brought us together, my old friend.  But I can not help but wonder why you have stayed.  Your debt has been paid many times over,” the Lord said weakly.  “My lord,” the man choked on his words, then continued “You saved me from the bear, then healed me. I had no home, no family, and no hope.  You have given me all three.  How could I ever repay that?  Know that I will protect your with my last breath.”  The Lord passed on knowing the man meant just what he had said.
Then some years later, the young Lord sat by the old man’s bed.  “My only regret sir is that I have no sons to take my debt.”  The young Lord smiled though the tears and said, “Foolish old man, how can you say such a thing?  It is we who owe you.  If you had not gone to war with my father all those times, I might not be here.  If you had not killed that boar, our family line would have been lost.  Not only does this family owe you a great debt, but all those who come after us owe the man with no home.  I swear my old friend your name will be remembered.”
Many generations have come and gone since then, but if you find the courtyard of the right castle, you will find one grave tended with more care than all others.  A simple man’s name is inscribed upon the stone.  Above his name are the words, “SOME DEBTS ARE NEVER PAID.”

Knowne Worlde Equestrian Competitor
Jerald  competed five times at Gulf Wars where  along with other St. Anne Companions, he held the  field Tenant.     Jerald's barding
displays the Arms of An Tir, because he was a Prince of An Tir.  He designed  the An Tir arms during his tenure as Black Lion Herald. Jerald frequently travelled throughout
the Knowne World to compete in Equestrian Tournaments, teach, and  Marshal.
Jerald has been in the SCA for almost 40 years. Here
is his lineage that he traces from one of the original
SCA Knights:

Jerald on his horse, Katie
From  Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway-

To All Who Would Ride on the Emprise Field, Greetings,

I'm getting to old for this but once again I'm oiling up the wheels on my walker, gurding my loins with Depends and will venture forth
to ride in the Emprise. My goal this year is to chastise any Duke's of An Tir that may venture to ride. I'm going to send them home
crying for their mommy's. You know who you are, I don't need to post any names. You will know me by the arms I bare:

Or, a Battleax Gules, Hafted Sable, within a Double Tressure Sable

By my hand this day, 18 Sept AS XXXVIII

Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway
First Knight of An Tir
Black Lion Emerirus
Order of the Silver Rose - 3 times

After a valiant battle with cancer, we lost this gallant knight at 1:50 pm September 19, 2007 in
his home kingdom of An Tir.
The SCA was his life, so much so, that his family will honor his request that his headstone be engraved:
'Viscount Sir Jerald '

Jerald  started the practice of taking 'equestrian squires' known as equerries as his retainers.   He left behind two fine equerries THL Myra and the other one of who is a recent addition to the Company of St. Anne. They  will help to carry on his legacy of teaching Equestrian skill-at-arms: Baroness Brenna Caitlin MacGrioghair of Renwick of Trimaris. To see more about equerries in the SCA go here
Jerald of Galloway

Or, a battle-ax gules,
hafted sable,within a double tressure sable