Brenna Caitlin MacGrioghair of Renwick

Member of the SCA since 1987
Baroness of the Court
Grant of Arms
Award of Arms
Order of the Golden Lance - Principal
Order of the Silver Saddle Trimaris – Co-Principal
Order of the Silver Trident Trimaris
Order of the Trade Winds Trimaris
Order of the Emerald Seas
Order of the Argent Scales
Order of the Argent Estoile
Order of the Acorn’s Glade

Equestrian Champion of Trimaris at l’Emprise of the Azure Rose I
Champion of the Roses at l’Emprise de la Trois Roses at Gulf Wars X

Venant of the Black Lion Emprise II in the Shire of Midhaven in the Kingdom of An Tir
Venant of the Argent Rose Emprise I at Border Raids in the Kingdom of Meridies

Service as an Officer and Autocrat
Marshal of l'Emprise du Soleil de la Lune at Gulf Wars XIII
Trimarian Marshal of the Horse – 1990 to 1992, 1998 to 2000
Trimarian Cavalry Captain – 1990 to present
King’s Lancer – 2000 to 2005
Kingdom Hippatarian – 2003 to 2006
Equestrian Authorization Marshal – 1990 to present
Authorized Advanced Rider – 1990 to present
Equestrian Marshal in Charge for numerous Trimarian equestrian events since 1990
Historian of the Barony of Darkwater – 1988 to 1990
Herald of the Barony of Wyvernwood – 1991 to 1992

Arts and Sciences
Apprentice to Duchess Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton, 2006 to present, prior Apprentice to Mistress Atalaya la Sandorra (deceased) - 1989 to 2003
Equerry (Equestrian Squire) to Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway (deceased)
Co-founder of the Company of the Azure Rose
Instructor of the Trimarian Equestrian College
Creator of Trimarian Equestrian Classes:
“How to Garb your Noble Steed”
“SCA Equestrian Activities for Spectators”
“The Medieval Warhorse: Hollywood versus History”
“Equestrian Safety”

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