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(Left and Above ) Jerald leading Royalty at GW*
Pigsticking at GW*
Jerald's hat, ashes, veteran's flag, and knight's belt --all at his family's  Memorial service. 
 Below is the slideshow that his daughter, Erin uploaded and played at the service.**

Jerald riding in the famous 'horse charge' at GW with other members of the Lance of St. Anne. Only a select group of riders are invited to ride in this display based on their ability to safely control their mounts away from the spectators and the beauty of their garb for themselves and their horses. *
circa 2003-Jerald acting as groundman for Giraldus (son of Agelos and Donwenna). Jerald willed a pair of spurs to Giraldus; this may be the only time Jerald had given spurs to anyone within the past ten years.  Jerald's family gave his green cloak (pictured here) to Giraldus as well because of the moving words Giraldus spoke at the Memorial service. Giraldus told of how Jerald had mentored him in his riding and how he respected him as a grandfather figure in his life.  Giraldus at age 15 recently won the Championship of the Emprise of the Sable Rose and couldn't wait to tell Jerald of how well he had done. 
Jerald was proud of him.
This is a water color painting of Jerald in his prime when he was a renowned bagpiper  and before arthritis stopped his music.  His oldest son, Sean has continued this legacy and has inherited his dad's  pipes which are over a hundred years old. 

* In gratitude to Lady Deb of Pinewood, who  granted permission to use these pictures from GW
**Special thanks to Erin for permission to host the slideshow here

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 His honesty was a beacon and  was only  outshone by the courage of his
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