(Left and Above ) Jerald leading Royalty at GW*
Pigsticking at GW*
Jerald's hat, ashes, veteran's flag, and knight's belt --all at his family's  Memorial service.
Below is the slideshow that his daughter, Erin uploaded and played at the service.**

Jerald riding in the famous 'horse charge' at GW with other members of the Lance of St. Anne. Only a select group of riders are invited to ride in this display based on their ability to safely control their mounts away from the spectators and the beauty of their garb for themselves and their horses. *
circa 2003-Jerald acting as groundman for Giraldus (son of Agelos and Donwenna). Jerald willed a pair of spurs to Giraldus; this may be the only time Jerald had given spurs to anyone within the past ten years.  Jerald's family gave his green cloak (pictured here) to Giraldus as well because of the moving words Giraldus spoke at the Memorial service. Giraldus told of how Jerald had mentored him in his riding and how he respected him as a grandfather figure in his life.  Giraldus at age 15 recently won the Championship of the Emprise of the Sable Rose and couldn't wait to tell Jerald of how well he had done.
Jerald was proud of him.
This is a water color painting of Jerald in his prime when he was a renowned bagpiper  and before arthritis stopped his music.  His oldest son, Sean has continued this legacy and has inherited his dad's  pipes which are over a hundred years old.

* In gratitude to Lady Deb of Pinewood, who  granted permission to use these pictures from GW
**Special thanks to Erin for permission to host the slideshow here

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His honesty was a beacon and  was only  outshone by the courage of his
Sir Jerald Memorial Page
SIr Jerald's knight's belt
This following was the speech I wrote to accompany SIr Jerald's knight's belt that I sent to Atlantia for this occiasion. Duchess Simone read this on my behalf and Sir Rodrigo Falcone allowed this additional belt to be placed on Alain for the ceremony, so that he was belted with TWO knghts'belts!  My gratitude and respect to Duchess Simone and SIr Rodrigo for their efforts.
Greetings unto the Great Kingdom of Atlantia from Donwenna La
Mareschale, Captain of the Lance of St. Anne and former Society
Equestrian Officer.

I am writing to commend to you, Alain de la Rochelle, for his efforts on behalf of the virtues of equestrian arts. Over the course of the more than 30 years that I have been an Equestrian in the SCA and even served as the second Society Equestrian Officer, I have rarely seen,  such an Excellent effort put forth by one individual to raise up the bar in so virtuous a manner. Please know that his Deeds have not gone unnoticed amongst the highest ranks of the Equestrians through out the Known Worlde.

I come before you with a knight's belt steeped in SCA history and equestrian prowess. This belt belonged to Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway, the first knight of An Tir. Although not a squire, he was knighted in 1974 (AS VII) by King Paul of Bellatrix.  Sir Jerald was also a Premier Companion of the Lance of St Anne and incredible equestrian as well as knight and archer. He had been an active participant in SCA since A.S. III and won the Principality of An Tir  Coronet three times. He always was generous with his knowledge and
time, teaching everything he knew to people down through the years.  Unlike some Peers, who lose their vision of the Dream and stop participating, he continued to attend Knight's Council and was an active participant in several Kingdoms in which he lived during the nearly 40 years he was a paid SCA member until his death in 2007 from cancer. Sir Jerald was one of my best friends and when I went to see him on his deathbed, he gave me several precious items, one of which was his knight's belt. He left it in my keeping and charged me go on a
Quest to find a deserving knight, who would embody all of what we in the Society hold dear as well as the equestrian prowess exhibited by the Companions of the Lance of St Anne, who are known as the best of the best. Believe me, I was stunned and did not think I was worthy to take on this great Honor. However, in talking to knights, like Duke Sir James Greyhelm and Duke Sir Armand de Sevigny, they convinced me that I was capable of determining who would be the recipient of this great oldtime Knight's belt.

For 10 years, I have traveled the Known World to find one worthy enough to wear this belt. Someone to not only carry this Legacy, but one who would also inspire others to embody it as well.  Equestrian Prowess and Knightly virtues were not enough. Sir Jerald had a way about him that inspired those around him to do great things. Never one to sit on the sidelines, he was outspoken and walked his talk. This belt you see before you represents the kind of person who will not only keep the Dream alive, but one who will actively continue to inspire and promote these Virtues in others around him.

I have chosen Alain de la Rochelle and I believe it is fitting that as an 'equestrian knight,' Alain should have this accoutrement that embodies the spirit of a great 'equestrian knight.'  Please know that I believe that Alain de la Rochelle is all this and more and that I
entrust him with this Legacy.

With Great Admiration and Respect,

Donwenna La Mareschale, Captain of the Lance of St. Anne, and holder
of the Fountain of Atlantia.
Images by Ursus of Anglesey (Tim Tyson).