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CAID: Dame Arabella and her Equerry (Now also a Golden Lance) 
Atlantia video of Equerries 
History of the SCA Equerry
Sir Jerald as a former Herald Emeritus did the research on the term, equerry, and created the wording of the cermony. After much thought, he settled on the term Equerry, which originated from the French word "écurie" (stable), and related to the French word "écuyer" or squire. The position is considered as a household officer of honor. Historically, an Equerry was a senior attendant with responsibilities for the horses of a person of rank. In the SCA, an Equerry is created by a holder of a Grant Level Equestrian award (like the Golden Lance) or an Equestrian Peer (Knight, Pelican or Laurel).

I, Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway, mindful of your Prowess, Chivalry and Dedication to the equestrians of the Knowne Worlde do hereby recognize within you a person of worth and a seeker of knowledge. I have chosen you as my personal Equerry.
As an Equerry you will demonstrate to the Knowne Worlde the Chivalry, Equestrian Skills, and Pageantry of the Mounted Warrior of the High Middle Ages.
Do you understand the purpose of becoming an Equerry?
Do you agree to continue the example you have set forth which has caused the notice and appreciation of myself?
Then it is my pleasure to bring you under my shield, joining your voice with mine so that our combined example might cause others to strive for greater excellence.
Bear this belt with pride, but not in vanity, allowing it to remind both you and others of your continued commitment to myself and the Equestrians of the Knowne Worlde.
By my hand this day 
(signature of Sponsor)
(signature of equerry)

Equerries in other Kingdoms- the tradition continues 
  The first two Equerries created in the SCA ,THL Brenna Caitlin MacGrioghair of Renwick (Deonne Williams) and THL Myra Elvey MacGregor (Sandra Robinson ) on March 17, 2000 at Gulf Wars IX both of Trimaris.

 Yaasimiina has created a third Equerry (open link to see video and the ceremony) in Artemesia . 

 The Taking of an Equerry is about the Equerries created in Aethelmarc. Mistress Shishido Tora (Gozen) describes the history as well as their creation by the Companions of the Golden Lance around the Known Worlde. 

Dame Arabella da Sienna 2014 at Great Western War took an equerry, Guene Annwell, who is now a Golden Lance.

An Tir
September 25, 2016-HL Domenico Taddio took an  Equerry, Ljufvina

October 2017, six Equerries were created by the Golden Lance holders: Syr Alain de la Rochelle, Master Terafan Greydragon , HL Gwenhwyfar de Hwytinton, Baroness Nem Inghean Dochartaigh. For the ceremony and equerries: Atlantian Equerries Ceremony