by Baron Sir Manfred, Premier

May all know by this present charter that we, the Company of St Anne do swear and declare before God our faithful obeisance unto the noble art of the mounted warrior.

Whereas we declare that the true joy of mounted arms proceeds not from the base spirit of pride, nor of vainly striving one against another, but is only from honor.

We hearby proclaim that with God's grace this Company shall endeavor to increase, advance and uphold the banner of chivalry as it was practiced by our noble ancestors, and swearing to do the same, do we hereby ordain these maintenances:

That every companion shall strive, through speech, manner and appearance, to present forth the very mirror and example of a Lord or Lady.

Also, that every companion shall revere such goodly arts and mysteries of days past, most especially those relating to the martial use of horses, omitting neither their practice nor their patronage.

Also, that every companion shall take such care of his mount, arms, harness, raiment and all appearances that be in accordance with his conviction that neither shame nor stain shall befall the Company. And that he shall accept such guidance and counsel in regards to the above as seems meet unto the same.

Also, that every companion shall endeavor to better himself in his use of arms on horseback and in all pursuits that belong to those of noble birth.

Also, that any who may become a companion may be in some way known to the Company, that his or her merits and advantages may be known to all.

Also, that the companions shall gather no less than once per year for a special feast, with their consorts, to address the Company and to administer to the same, and to share agreement together, by custom being at the Meridian Gulf Wars event each Spring.

So do we, the Company of Saint Anne, Tenants upon this field, so swear and agree.