Rhiannon of the Isle
aka Lynn Wilson

Per saltire pean and vert in fess two dragons passant Or, three mullets argent, one and two(augmentation)

Motto:  Service Beyond Sanity

I joined the SCA in the summer of 1983 and have been active ever since, all within the Barony of the Osprey (Mobile, AL).

Noble Patroness to the Company of St Anne

Rhiannon of the Isle is a late 11th/early 12th century Welsh minor noblewoman (as Welsh nobility goes).  The only child of a minor chieftain with aspirations, she was trained to assume the responsibilities of her father.  Being a canny welshman, he knew that it would be necessary to
'court' the Norman invaders if he wished to retain his properties.  Extremely well-educated for a woman of her time, Rhiannon enjoys reading, calligraphy,  all things equestrian (of a martial nature), and even some of the 'womanly arts': cooking, embroidery, sewing.  While she'd rather be in a tunic and trews, 'horsing around', she is capable of playing 'the lady' and travelling
in 'those' circles when the situation warrants.  In the Society, Rhiannon is the  founder and Matriarch of House Dragon Or, which is a household with far-flung membership (several kingdoms, including the East, Atlantia, Ealdormere, Atenveldt, Ansteorra - but mostly Meridies) devoted to service and serving as a mutual support-system for it's members.

37th Queen of Meridies - County
CR - Lady of the Rose
CP - Companion of the Pelican (4/89)
CBM - Companion of the Bough-Meridies (grant-level service award)
CSSM - Companion of the Scarlet Star- Meridies (grant-level service award for auto-cratting /feast-cratting)
CMC - Companion of the Meridian Cross - awarded for promise in the arts and sciences
CMM - Companion of the Meridian Majesty - awarded for service to the Queen -
this can be received multiple times - I've received it 4 (or 5 - I can't remember)
CKP - Companion of the Sovereigns' Pleasure - as above, but for service to the King - again, I've received this 4 or 5 times
CGHM - Companion of the Guiding Hand/Meridies - for service to newcomers or those in need
CALM - Companion of the Argent Lance/Meridies - the kingdom award for equestrian excellence
CPO - Companion of the Order of Compostella - awarded for traveling in service to the kingdom
COJ - Companion of the Ospreys' Jess - the Baronial service award for the Barony of the Osprey (Mobile, AL)
CAA - Companion of the Axe - the Baronial service award for the Barony of Axemoor (New Orleans, LA)
CSA - Companion of the Sable Athanor - this is the 'heart of the Barony' award for the Barony of the Osprey - named in honour of Master Johannes the Black of the Athanor - I am the principle of this order
Augmentation of Arms - from the Kingdom of Meridies

Equestrian Competitions:I have participated in the following Emprises (as either a rider or marshal):
Emprise of the White Hound (the first emprise in the Known World to my knowledge)
Emprise of the Crimson Rose
Emprise of the Lyon Or
Emprise of the Sun in Splendor
Emprise of the Sword Ascendant
Emprise of the Ring of the Athanor

I was amongst the 4 people that went to Equinox, in the Middle Kingdom to authorize their first batch of riders.  I participated in the 1st and 2nd Meridian Equestrian Trials.  I rode in  the processional at TFYC where equestrian activities got 'showcased' to the Known World, and in the various equestrian games sponsored by Duc Armand.  I have participated in equestrian activities at the Shire of Capall Mohr (Georgia) and at various equestrian practices through-out Meridies - hauling my poor horses to heck and gone.

I was of some small assistance with the Meridian Book of the Horse (written by Master Johannes).

Offices Held:
Founding Baroness of the Barony of the Osprey - invested 11/3/93 and  served  till 1999.
Kingdom Seneschal and Deputy Kingdom Seneschal of Meridies (1986 - 1991)
Regional Deputy Minister of Arts - Kingdom of Meridies
Shire/Baronial Reeve - Barony of the Osprey
1st Meridian Marshal of Horse - Meridian Equestrian College (a  founding member)
Served as Chancellor (Chamberlain) to the following Crowns of Meridies:  Boru & Caroline (1st and 2nd reign), Ryan and Gillian, Bryce and Isabetta, Gareth and Juliana

I currently do not own a horse, but have had a number of horses during my activities with SCA-related equestrian pursuits:
Belle the Wonder Horse - the mother of the Meridian Equestrian Team - currently in retirement - one doesn't 'own' Belle - she owns you!

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