Noble Patroness

In the picture above, Countess Rhiannon of the Isle, is not only a Premier Companion, but also the Grand Patroness of the Company of St. Anne.  Not all of the Patronesses are riders, but they are all supportive of the equestrian of their Company.

"The Inspiration to the Company of St. Anne.....the Noble Patroness is a person holding
seisen has to a greater noble, which is not the only role that a nobleman would have operated in.  Great nobles could declare wars, host tournaments, hold justice in their lands, sub-infeudate if they had the wealth to do so,build churches, monuments and so forth - even in the time periods of the tournament, when nobility began to organize itself in a more hierarchical way than it had in previous history."*

*Special thanks to our Herald Master Tibor for defining the role of Noble Patroness to the Company of St Anne *

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