Tibor of Rock Valley

Long term donor, since 1984, to the SCA Incorporated, number 25811.
Resident of the Barony of Carolingia, East Kingdom, 1984-1987.
Resident of the Shire of Southkeype, Trimaris, 1987-1990.
Resident of the Barony of Carolingia, East Kingdom, 1990-present.

Society Interests:
Cooking, Brewing, heraldic consulting, list heraldry, court heraldry,
woodworking, commedia performance, pathetic actor, dance, autocratting
and other organizational activities.

Offices Held, Committees Served:
Autocrat (see list below).
Herald for the Shire of Southkeype (1987-1990).
Golden Gryphon Pursuivant to Carolingia (1991-1997, 1999-present).
Organizer of Autocrat's Round table (1993-1996).
Assistant to the Carolingia Phone Book Editor (1992-1994).
Rapier Marshal at large (1994-1995).
East Kingdom Deputy Chronicler for local groups (1994-1995)
Grand Council Member (1994-present).
Grand Council Chairman (1998-2002)
Grand Council Nominating Committee (1994, 1999, 2000).
Committee to Save Our Society (1994-present).
Deputy Seneschal of Carolingia (1997-1998).
Exchequer's Committee of the East (1999-present).

Honors and Awards:
Holder of the Felding Favor (1985-1986). Given by the Ladies of the Borough
of Felding for one year at a time for "Excellence in those virtues that best
befit a gentleman."  Held for 2 consecutive years.

Award of Arms, East Kingdom, 1987, for autocratting and other services to
the Barony of Carolingia.

Companion of the Order of the Daystar, Barony of Carolingia, 1992. Service
award, given for autocratting, service as Baronial Pursuivant, and many
other tasks.

Companion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger, East Kingdom, 1993. "awarded
by the Crown to autocrats and cooks for events where the Royalty was present
and for which the Crown feels the event and/or cooking were well above the
normal standards of excellence in the East Kingdom." For the Coronation of
Tsuranaga and Genevieve in April, 1993.

Companion of the Silver Crescent, East Kingdom, 1993.  Kingdom order of High
Merit "shall be given to people in the East Kingdom whom the Crown shall
have considered to have distinguished themselves by service to the Kingdom
[...]".  For various services to the Crown and the Kingdom "despite the
protests of his lady, without regard to sustenance, and even rising from his
death bed to work at an event." [From the award scroll.]

Court Baron with Grant of Arms, East Kingdom, 1996.  

Calontir Iren Fera, 20-Aug-1999.  "Iren Fera: this title may be
bestowed upon non-Calontir citizens who have faithfully stood beside
and integrated themselves into the Calontir Army, over numerous
occasions, to the level of what may be expected of the regular militia
of the Kingdom. Companions may place the initials CIF after their
names, or the words Iren Fera, and may bear the order's badge: Sable,
between a spear and a battle-axe palewise, on a pale embattled argent a
cross of Calatrava, purpure."  (Description by Baroness Jessa d'Avondale)

Order of the Pelican, East Kingdom July 2002.

Events Autocratted or equivalent:
Happy Feet 1. (autocratted and planned feast.)
Happy Feet 2. (autocratted)
Happy Feet 2.5 (autocratted)
May Day (autocratted or major assistance to the autocrats) four consecutive
years: 1991-1994
Coronation of Tsuranaga and Genevieve (Kingdom event, co-autocrat)
Winter Frolic (autocratted)
King and Queen's Fencing Championships (Kingdom event, autocrat)
Carolingian 25th Anniversary and Investiture (co-autocrat)
Known World Arts and Sciences (May 1997, co-autocrat)

Classes Taught:
Have taught simple brewing, several classes on names and naming, vocal
projection, how to run a court, intro to the SCA.

Related Works:
Member of Committee to Save Our Society.
Rialto Corpora Consultant
Extensive research for the Society on Nonprofit Management, Law, Insurance
and Finance
Frequent Demo Participant
Carolingian Evangelist

Early 1500 resident of London, of gypsy descent and unknown parentage. A former ruffian and pick-pocket, he is now a vassal of a respected and landed gentleman.

Thibault de Rocheval (under development): 1334 resident of the County of
Savoy, castellan for an unacknowledged bastard of the family of Count
Amadeus IV.  Works as the assistant to the Seneschal of a local great house,
has travelled to Italy and Rome. .