Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya

Companion to the Order of the Chevalier Baronia Gloria
Companion to the Order of  the  Laurel
Companion to the Order of the Pelican
Premier Companion to the Order of the Cheval d'Or of Artemisia
Companion to the Order of the Golden Pillar of Artemisia (twice)
Companion to the Order of Le Pomme d'Or of the Barony of Arn Hold
Companion to the Order of the Trypsichore's Mouffle of the Barony of Arn Hold
Companion to the Order of the Cirque d'Honneur
Companion to the Order of the Jewel of Alces/Moose of Arn Hold
Companion to the Order of the Golden  Gryphon's Heart

Society Equestrian Officer (5th)
Minister of the Royal Stables of Artemisia
Dean of the Equestrian College
Regent of the Horse
First Equestrian Marshal
First Equestrian Champion of Artemisia
Bard of the Barony of Arn Hold
Arts & Sciences Champion of the Barony of Arn Hold

In the tradition started by Sir Jerald, Yaasamiin took an Equerry  in 2002 to further his knowledge of Equestrian Arts.

Greetings to All,
My name is Mu'allemah (sounds like 'dilemma')Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa
al-'Alaa'iiyiyya (sounds like 'I'll allo(silent w) yee ya') and I am your new Society Deputy of Equestrian Affairs.

Looking forward to my new job and meeting as many equestrians in the know world as I possibly can. Until then, please to know that we ride with our friends and friends don't hurt each other. Let's play safe and take care of our friends.

Here's a little about me:I've been an involved horse owner for 30 years. I raised 3 girls and
their cousins around horses doing everything from shows to camping. I joined the SCA in 1994 while living in the Inland Regions of AnTir. I knew immediately that my horses (3 at the time) would be involved too. Two years later, I moved to Artemisia and have lived here since. I've
been an Equestrian Marshal since 1997.

I own 7 horses, 6 of which I use to teach riding lessons to the public... kids and adults alike. I also run a charitable organization that provides hippo therapy to abused and/or at risk girls. My horses
work almost everyday and are quite complacent when carrying rides without any muscle control. For fun they play the SCA mounted militarygames, riding calvary style in drill formation and a couple of them have been on the polo field and arena. They are my heart's pride. Here they
are, in order of size:

1) Hudson, a chestnut sorrel Irish Sporthorse whose name really is An Seachran. He was foaled in Ireland... I joke about him having a passport and I do not. He is 17Hh and 11 yrs old. He was donated to my school I have just loaded a youtube video of him at his first event. He is running at the quintain, which we practiced at home, but this event he learned to joust... sca style. He like to go fast.
2) Wm, a chestnut American TB 16 yrs, also 17Hh and very much a
sweetheart. He too was donated to my school and is a master school horse trained in dressage and jumping. He loves his new job and carries the kids around like such a gentleman. Each gait has such perfect cadence one could set a metronome by it. He's very fun to do mounted archery
off, because he doesn't race to the end of the lane.
3) Gaelin, a bay Appendix Quarterhorse 20 yrs, 16 Hh and the love of everyone. He was given to me as a problem horse a year before I started the school. He is the most trustworthy and reliable mount, but loves a good race on the mountain service roads. 4) Dillon, a chestnut sorrel solid colored Appaloosa TB cross 15 yrs, 16Hh and sometimes I have to call him Dill-Pickle because he just is. Dillon was foaled in my barn. His dam was a racing Appy. She would've really loved the SCA. Dillon does too. He is a real show off at the beginning of the list. Gets all puffed up and stomps one foot, rearing
to go. Amazing how he carries the little 7 yr old girls with such manners. I'm lucky he doesn't go into game mode with them. He also is uploaded on the youtube site jousting against Gaelin his best friend in
the world. 5) Ivy, a chestnut American TB mare 5yrs 15.2Hh. Another donation with a
strong potential for my polo students and SCA games.... loves to go to
6) Amber, a bay grade Appy with white blanket and bay spots, 12 yrs 15.1. She is donated too. Doesn't know much arena work, but the kids love to ride her bareback... you guessed it, she is round.
7) Pearl, Amber's daughter. She is not ridable yet. I like to joke about my Indian name being Willa Many Red Horse. As you read above, most of them are chestnuts... thank goodness for the bays.
Thanks for letting me brag.

In Service to the Equestrian Dream,
Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya OL, OP, Cd'O
Society Deputy for Equestria (OCTOBER 2006)


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