Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya was awarded the Order of the Laurel in part for her achievements with the Equestrian and Hounds activities.   This was presented in a beautiful ceremony on the
morning of Saturday March 13, 2004 in the closing court of their
Majesties John Fitzgerald de Clare II and Symmone de Clare.

Included in the ceremony was an arch of equestrian lances held by:
VisCount Sir Jerald of Galloway, First Knight of An Tir and Companion to
the Lance of St Anne.
Master Sir Landolf Witkowski, Artemisian Eq. Champion 2003-2004.
Lady Freydis the Good, Equestrian Marshal in Training.
Lady Cerridwyn frech Thomais, Equestrian Marshal.
Lord Blaise Tourmente, Cadet to Maître Don Guillaume dela Rapieré.
Lord Duncan, an Equestrian, Fencer and Pirate.

The processional included:
Master Armand des Mortes, OL as herald.
Lord Philip de Lisboa, Equerry to Yaasamiin, carrying her sword.
Lady Auraelia de Medici, Protégé to Yaasamiin, carrying her helm.
Lady Aine MacCullen, Regent of Hounds for the Royal Stables of
Artemisia, leading
Boss Emir, the Greyhound owned and coursed by Yaasamiin.
Daleene, a Page in the making to Yaasamiin, carrying a chest of gold
(chocolate) coins for largesse.

Music was provided by:
Baroness Amanda (mistress of the harp)

Speaking on behalf of Yaasamiin were:
Maître Guillaume dela Rapieré representing the Order of the Laurel,
Master Sir Landolf representing the Order of the Pelican,
VisCount Sir Jerald representing the Order of the Chivalry,
Crown Prinzessin Kortland representing Royalty,
Lady Auraelia representing the Populace,
Master Wilhelm von Adlersheim also representing the Populace

Master Sir Ronan of Hereford, Kingdom Earl Marshall of Artemisia,
presented a medallion with a Pelican surrounded by a Laurel wreath.
It was a dream. Kneeling before Their Majesties, I listened to many fine things said of me by my favorite queen (Countess Kortland who was to have her 2nd coronation that evening) as a Royal Peer, our Artemisian Eq. Champion (Sir Landolf) as a Pelican, my Lance brother (VisCount Sir Jerald) as a Knight, my own sweet Lord (Maitre Guillaume) as a Laurel and then 2 volunteers from the populace, one from my Protege and the other from a Baron/Laurel friend who asked Their Majesties John and Symmone to speak of how I inspired him. I then recited my memorized oath and became the newest Laurel in our kingdom.

It was all that I dreamed of and more. There were many moments of heart felt heavenly joy. One friend said he was so awe struck that he forgot to take pictures. Another said my oath and all who spoke of me made his eyes cry. Indeed, these are the moments we live for in the SCA.

Here is my oath. The first paragraph is dedicated to Johannes the Black (thank you Rhiannon for sharing his ceremony with me) inspired a bit by a particular Persian quatrain written by 'Ubayd-i Zakani. And so the second paragraph was also inspired by 'Ubayd-i Zakani.

I, Yasmeena bint al Ahlam, come to you above all else, surely, by Divine Will. Or, perhaps by the labors of those whose joy it was to send me on this way. It is a mystery. For all that I know, who-so-ever built the heavens and the stars, the mind and the soul and made humankind, tied all these strings of being into a knot, then lost the thread in a cosmic tangle.

Of grace, all that I hope is thisto keep the realm of my pleasure prosperous, avert from me the calamity of chastity, and keep far from me the doom of repentance. And by this, I shall have the greatest gift of all.  The gift of increasing my own learning and perfection in craft. Then always, shall I continue to promote the learning of divers arts to the benefit of all.

I will uphold and support my worldly Sovereign.
I shall speak the truth and champion all who seek to learn so that our Order may be a haven for scholars and artisans of any degree.
I will shun what is unseemly or illegal at my lectures and workshops. 
I will defend the particular liberties and honorable customs of our Order.
I will not reveal the secrets of my Order.
I will devote myself to the welfare of this Kingdom and its people until my wit and strength fail, and my breath pass away from my body.

This day do I, Yasmeena bint al Ahlam render homage and fealty to the Crown and Kingdom of Artemisia, unto whom I offer honor, loyalty, and such support as it is in my power to give. These things do I swear, by this sword and by mine honor. So say I, Yasmeena bint al Ahlam.

I have recently learned that "bint al Ahlam" which means daughter of the Dream, can not be registered.  Yasmeena bint al Ahlam translates into Jasmine daughter of the
Dream. I have known for some time that period Arabic naming practices
allow girls to be daughters of their fathers only and not a concept. It
was a good name for my beginning years and served me well. Finally
September 2004, the College of Heralds passed Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa
al-'Alaa'iiyiyya, which translates into Jasmine the Dancer of Alaye (a
seaport in the southern Ottoman Empire). In addition, my device passed
as well. Per chevron Or and vert, three crescents one and two gules and
a cinquefoil Or.

Shukran (thank you) my brothers and sisters for hearing my story.