Yaasamiin's Equerry

Following Viscount Sir Jerald's lead, I made an Equerry here in Artemisia at Raptor War  2002 this last weekend. His name is Lord Philip de Lisboa, Equerry.  I believe him to be the 3rd so far SCA-wide. His performance as my equestrian retainer is ideal, looking after the needs of myself and my steed, and taking notes when I speak on safety, health and training. He follows directions well while in the saddle and is developing a good seat and hands, and is a dead aim with mounted archery too. Within these first 6 months he has displayed sincere dedication in learning to ride and a keen interest in historical reenactment. He is deserving of this recognition.
He is jousting in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgs9JdGAwIE
I am very lucky here in Artemisia to have by my side a large handful of
Knights, Earls and a King who support my efforts in making the equestrian arts visible to my fellow Artemisians. During the Equerry ceremony I was flanked by  4 Artemisian Knights, an AnTirian Knight, my King, with about 4 Laurels and a couple of Pelicans too. Of course, there were lords and ladies in attendance as well. In all, I would guess maybe 25 spectators to witness. I was very proud to make this ceremony happen in the name of the equestrian arts and very delighted to observe 2 Senior Knights afterwards add their council to my Equerry on the duties of wearing a belt.

I prepared for Lord Philip an Equerry belt similar to the belts worn by
Sir Jerald's two Equerries (gules and or checque with Jerald's personal device on the tip of the belt) and placed my personal symbol on the tip (vert with a cinquefoil or). I desired to replicate this style of belt to honor Sir Jerald and did so after gaining his permission and blessings. I would encourage all Equestrian Peers who find a retainer worthy of becoming an Equerry to please consider using the same color combination so that we may all have a unified presence.

Thank you, Sir Jerald for making a tradition I hope will last long into
SCA equestrian history.

In Service to the Equestrian Dream,

Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya OL, OP, Cd'O