Black Rider on Rayna-- m'lady Devon & THL  Khaidu assist
THL Khaidu stands  sentry for the Black Rider
Sirs Rapheal and Skapti accept the Challenge of the Black Rider
The day dawned hot as the Black Rider approached TRM during the Champion's tourney Progress.

Who is this mysterious Black Rider who challenges the Knights of An Tir? The Black Rider rides up to the head of the Aisle at the Sunday Opening Court.   The Black Rider Herald is the speaks on behalf of the Black RIder....

The Black Rider Herald, Baroness Tsuruko advances  closer into Court before the Black Rider and announces:
"The Third Black Lion Emprise will take place October 3-5.   The Black Rider of the Emprise  is a rider of great prowess and might.  The Black Rider  Challenges not one but any TWO Knights of AN TIR to take up these Gauntlets! (Baroness Tsuruko tosses one gauntlet at a time as she says this). Who will take up these Gauntlets and meet the Challenge ? "

Sir Rapheal approaches first to take up the gage !

expectant hush fell over the populace...then another great knight of An Tir rose to the challenge!  Sir Skapti takes up the second gage and promises with Sir Rapheal to meet at the Black Lion Emprise to face  this Black Rider.  The Black Rider exits Court cloaked in anonymity.

Baroness Tsuruko says, "The Black Rider will take great joy in meeting you both on the Field of Honor where we will ride before Gracious Ladies of the Berfrois led by Duchess Groa. All the  Populace of AN TIR will  see who will win this Challenge at the Black Lion Emprise!"
Thanks to Baroness Tsuruko for supplying the
text of the Challenge and to m'lords
Brian and Hamish for the pictures.
The Black Rider Challenge at the Black Lion Emprise
The Black Rider was proud to ride against  both Knights at the Emprise and acknowledged that they both fulfilled the  Challenges.
The Black Rider you see here is riding Katie