Donwenna La Mareschale
Service in the SCA
Caid 1983-96; AN TIR 1996-present
I have been an active paid member of the SCA for almost 30 years


Don                                                                   Donwenna's Projects
EMIC or Equestrian Autocrat for AN TIR Equestrian Events
(Click here for Tournaments Illuminated article   #160 Fall 2006
on how to Autorcrat and Equestrian Event)

Midhaven Champion's 1999-EMIC

Honey War Aquaterra 2000-EMIC

Coronation Shittemwoode 2000-EMIC

Crown Dragon's Laire 2000-EMIC

Autocrat for the Emprise of the Black Lion -2003

The Black Rider Challenge 2003-EMIC

Fibers and Fletching 2004-EMIC

Maypole Demo 2005-EMIC

Summer Hunt 2005-Autocrat

July Coronation 2005-EMIC

September Crown 2005-EMIC

Summer Hunt II 2006-EMIC and Autocrat

Last Chance Equestrian Championship 2006-EMIC

Summer Hunt VII 2012-EMIC
CURRENT SERVICE in AN TIR and Society-wide

Society Equestrian Officer  Deputy
Equestrian Marshal of the Field (2006-2011)

Authorized in all forms of SCA Equestrian Marshal activities: Authorizing Equestrian Marshal world-wide, collect and process Kingdom Equestrian Officer reports, update information on Society Equestrian Officer website.

Society Equestrian Officer Bulletin 1/24/07
Greetings All,
I have the great honor to serve you with the help of some pretty wonderful individuals. They are brilliant human beings and devoted SCA equestrians. We are lucky to have them in our family. I take the time here to publicly thank those listed below for their commitment to see an even better than ever SCA equestrian program. Thank you to the Deputies of this Office. Please post this info as you please.
Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya OL, OP
Society Equestrian Officer SEO Deputies

All deputies listed herein represent this office until 10-15-2008 when my tenure expires. They serve not only in the capacity of their specialized areas, but also as Equestrian Marshals at Large which by the current society handbook standards are Equestrian Marshals of the Field. Each one also has the capability to replace me if something should happen where I may not complete my tenure. When they are present in the capacity of Equestrian Marshal, know that they represent me and the office of Society Equestrian Officer.

Kingdom of An Tir New and Incipient Branches Deputy (2006-2008)
guiding new branches in their  formation process. Wrote article on what happens after New Branch Application is submitted:
Updated the New Branch Checklist:

Equestrian Marshal for An Tir (1996--current)
Together with Agelos, we trained 5 EMITs to EMs; currently training 5 more EMITs

*Equestrian Marshal of the Field  (2003---current)
Deputy to  the Society -wide Equestrian Officers : Mistress Isolde of  Hawksholme and Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya OL, OP   

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Special Projects Deputy
2003- 2004 Special Projects executed :
May Crown 2004 Artisan's Forum
July Coronation 2004 Armor Contest

Earnrokke Shire Webminister (2006-current)
Update and maintain main shire webpage and event webpages.

Earnrokke Shire Chronicler (2006-current)
Responsible for monthly Shire Business Meeting minutes
(archiving and posting to Elist) and for  shire quarterly newsletter.

Earnrokke Shire Arts and Sciences Officer (2011-current)

Minister of the Kingdom of An Tir Hunt Guild
(2004-2008 and 2010-2011 and 2012-current)
I maintain the website, moderate the Elist, promote membership, help network interested people across the Known World, teach classes on period hunting techniques on horseback, man the Hunt Guild display at events, and autocrat the premier event : Summer Hunt .

Kingdom of An Tir Hunt Guild webminster (2004-current)

Kingdom of An Tir Hunt Guild chronicler (2008-2010)

Kingdom of An Tir Equestrian Guild Adminsitrator (2011-current)

Founding Shire Seneschal (2004--2006)
I helped found  the  Shire of Earnrokke on Whidbey Island and completed all the paperwork .  From the Idea (our first meeting to discuss formation was May 24, 2004) to the official recognition of our Incipient stauts by Thorin and Dagmaer at July Coronation (July 18, 2004) was less than 2 months.   I am always doing  consultant heraldry.  Earnrokke was granted permanent shire status at Sept  Crown 2005.  Because I expedited this process I was asked to work as the An Tir  Kingdom Deputy for New Branches.

IKEQC Administrator (2001--2006)
SCA-wide  position of InterKingdom Equestrian Competition Administrator . Similar in concept to the IKAC, the IKEQC is the venue for all SCA Equestrians to compete against each other without the limitations of boundaries and travel;responsible for researching new  SCA equine IKEQC activites, data entry, webhosting ,maintaining  the scores, and  developing the IKEQC regulations. 

IKEQC R&D Committee (2001-current)
Research and Development of new period equestrian activities for IKEQC with the goal of mainstreaming them into the  general  SCA equestrian venue.  This follows the SCA mission statement  and ensures avoidance of modern 'gaming' or modern equitation competitions at SCA events that can occur when people think that costumes are all that are required to make an activity a period re-enactment.

Service to Royalty
Providing equestrian information about how to improve their program
  • Kingdom of the West -Princess of the Mists-"I have taken the liberty of
awarding you the Princesses Token.  It is an order to recognize personal
service to the coronet.  Your advice and help in getting the equestrian activities
up off  the ground have been invaluable."  -Elina of Beckingham
  • Kingdom of the West -Queen Aurora

Providing horses and royal barding for processionals to An Tir Royalty
  • Niklaus and Alyssa- Royal barding & horses
  • Davin and Groa-Royal barding & horses ( Below  left: Davin on Valerius)
  • Skeggi and Taissia- horses
  • Retinue for Uther and Angharad -as Lady in Waiting to Her Majesty

July coronation 2005~provided horses for 
  • Skeggi and Tassia stepping down
  • Uther and Angharad stepping up
  • Riderless Horse Ceremony (Maximus)

Riderless Horse ceremonies-provided Valerius and Maximus
(Below right: Angharad leads Maximus)

CAID & Society-wide  Service (1984-1996)

Offices held in Caid:
  • Baronial Chatelaine
  • Baronial Herald-in-Training (Cornet)
  • Kingdom  Chatelaine-at-Large
  • Baronial Deputy Seneschal -- Fundraising.
  • Canton of  Mons  Draconis (co-founder)

Caid Academy of Equestrian Arts  (AEA)
Concurrently  during most of those years in Caid, I also served in many capacities in the AEA

  • Autocrat--an average of 5 Equestrian events a year. In th elast 11 months before we left Caid, Agelos and I co-auticratted and EMIC'd 8 events.

  • Exchequer-- for 1 year, following Duke Armand.

  • Demo Coordinator-- set up demos , produced  3 Medieval Faires ( earned over  $3000)

  • Secretary/Chronicler- produced /wrote the 1st Academy newsletter, EQUITARE , wrote monthly columns  about AEA activities for the Crown Prints, Caid's Kingdom newsletter.

  • Regent -- helped write the Caid Equestrian Event Handbook, the first  Event Handbook in the Knowne Worlde ( publ. 1992); served as a framework for other Kingdom Equestrian Handbooks as well as the First SCA-wide Equestrian  Regulation Handbook, which I wrote during my term of Office as SCA -wide Equestrian Officer (under the SCA Earl Marshal) from 1994-1996.  I also contributed to the most recent  edition of the 2003 Society-wide Equestrian Handbook.

  • Equestrian Marshal--served as EMIC for  equestrian events in CAID and AN TIR

SCA-wide Equestrian Officer  (1995-97)

To date, I feel that my term of Office as SCA EQ Officer marks my greatest contribution to the SCA Equestrian Activities and  thus to the SCA as a whole.  When I took office only three Kingdoms were having Equestrian events or had any kind of regulations , one of which was my home Kingdom of Caid.  I assisted Ansteorra, Middle, East, Outlands, Atlantia, Drachenwald, Atenveldt, Trimaris, and Calontir with developing their Equestrian Activities and regulations.

  • Established system of Kingdom Equestrian Officers (KEOs) and the authorizations for Equestrian Marshals.  The KEOs  during that time are now some of the finest equestrians in the SCA and have gone on to be variously awarded Pelicans, Laurels , Knighthoods and Grants of Arms  for their fine service and remarkable abilities in the Equestrian Arts.  I could not have accomplished anything without their support and  excellent display of safe SCA horsemanship.

  • Heraldic Designer-- Equestrian Marshallate badge; submitted it to Laurel on behalf of the SCA Equestrian Marshallate when I was Officer.

Queen's Barding created by Donwenna.
Note the Lion detail on the fabric