Manfred von Rothenburg

Within the SCA, hailing from the Barony of Axemoor in the Kingdom of Meridies.

Heraldic device: Per chevron inverted Argent and Sable, a chevron inverted counterchanged between, in chief, an Oak tree eradicated Sable bearing a cross formy Argent, and in base, a pair of stags antlers Argent.

Badge (Fieldless) on a stag trippant contourney Sable, attired maintaining a lance bendwise, a cross formy Argent.

Knight of the Society
Baron of the Court of Meridies
Companion of the Velvet Owl
Companion of the Axe
Companion of the Meridian Cross
Companion of the Broken Bow
Premier of the Order of the Guidon
Premier of the Order of the Argent Lance
Companion of the Meridian Majesty
Companion of the Argent Lily
Award of Arms
Companion of the Silver Gull
Premier of the Pillars of Axemoor
Three times voted Prima Eques of Gulf War (from the riders not theCrown)

Equestrian Offices
Society Equestrian Marshal-at-large
Authorized at the Advanced-special level
Equestrian Authorization Marshal in Meridies
One of the founding ministers of the Meridian Equestrian College

Persona Biography
Sir Manfred is a 13th Cent. German knight and member of the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, also known as the Hospitallers.  Sir Manfred was born in the year of Our Lord 1205 A.D., in the town of  Rothenburg in the central part of Germany. As a third son of minor nobility he was trained to the arts of a gentleman (which were of small use), and to Arms (which might at least keep him alive).  Having no immediate prospects of inheriting land and income from his father (short of fratricide that is), one day, at the age of 22, he announced to the family that he had decided to answer the call and go on crusade to the Holy Land.

The Family was very proud.

Unbeknownst to the family however, the call young Manfred chose to answer was the one that said riches were to be had in the Holy Land.  So off he went with horse, armor, sword and hopes of coming home with considerably more money that he left with.

Alas, it was not to be.

The average infidel had little of value. A minor exception being the warriors, whose armor and horses were worth something, but who tended to be painfully loath to part with either one.  And all the decent land had already be taken long before he got there  Nevertheless, he served nearly 10 years in the Holy Land, until being badly wounded in battle (ok, so it was actually in a brawl with some Templars).
When sufficiently recovered, he returned to his hometown (richer in scars if not money) and serves in the Commandery there.

Sir Manfred's trusty mount is Belle (a.k.a.: The Wonder Horse) a 19 year old Morgan/Appaloosa cross. She is a born war-horse and a veteran cavalry mount, having brought  her rider to victories in SCA equestrian activities for many years. Fondly known as "Ma" Belle in Meridies, she is credited with being the "mother" of equestrian activities there.

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