AKA, Louisa MacLachlan~

Harp Argent awarded on August 12, 1989 for research.
Her device 'Argent, two halberds in saltire gules, between four gillyflowers sable, barbed and seeded gules.'

A Tribute
by  Theign Eadwynn of Runedun, aka Ted Hewitt

I knew Louisa for many years and I count her among my dearest friends.  She was a lady of many talents and interests and I was honored to be crossbearer at her interment.  At the celebration of her life, an eclectic group gathered to honor her.  Her family, her adopted Native American family, a host of Mohave cowboys, Christian's house, and her own clan.  The pipes  played as we processed to her rest.  When the pipes finished their final  salute, the Native American drums sounded.  As they sang, two hawks came and circled and then flew away as if escorting her honored soul.  We returned to St. Brides' Church and we exchanged friendship stories.  She was well loved.

Linda Peper  (C. 1963-1998)

Louisa of Loch Skye