Julian Le Scot

Device:  Azure, a crusilly Argent, two horses courant,Or

Crest: A Crossed Crosslet Argent surrounded by a spray ofplumes, azure and agent

Motto:  Jamais san Style

Persona Biography
I am known as  Julian le Scot in the Society for Creative Anachronism. My persona is the second son of a minor Norman lord in the late 14th century.  Initially promised to the church at the age of 6, my father changed his mind at my elder brother's death, some 3 years later. As a result I was schooled in religion, Latin, and some mathematics before being retrieved from the cloistered life.  A change the Father Abbot and Master of Novitiates heartily agreed with, given my problems with a potential vow of obedience.  My life changed radically with a focus on martial training rather than a contemplative life.  Given the turmoil of the time, the training was a necessity.

In the SCA, I reside in the Canton of the Towers where I am Seneschal.  Towers has the distinction of being the oldest Canton in the SCA in continual existence; approximately 28 years.  We are part of the Barony of Carolingia.  Carolingia is a large barony boasting of a membership of over 350 with 9 boroughs(official college groups) and two Cantons.  While Carolingia does has a large martial population with some of the best fighter, fencers, archers and Equestrians in the East Kingdom, she in known more for her contributions to the arts and sciences. My SCA involvement began approximately 7 years ago when I informed I was going to an event in rural Louisiana and had to wear something called "garb."  This event coincidentally witnessed the Knighting Ceremony of Sir Manfred.  This event is where I had the occasion to meet Sir Manfred and his much better half THL Katrina.  Little did I know at the time it would be the start of something that would take a inordinate amount of my time and resources. While in my heart I will always be Southerner, my SCA involvement has been essentially in the East and is where I call home.

Offices and sundries
As a member of the Canton of the Towers, I have held the position of Chronicler and have been Seneschal for the past 2 1/2 years.  I am the Central Region Equestrian Marshal and Drop Dead Deputy to the Kingdom Equestrian Marshal.  I have the honor of being the East Kingdom's First Mounted Champion and served as Captain of the Lance of Equus Orientalisfor this year's Gulf War.  I am an authorized fighter and have recently started practicing with a Norman style crossbow.  Additionally I have helped organize and been autocrat for a number of both local and kingdom events.  I enjoy cooking and have developed a reputation for period sauces at feasts.

Current Projects 
The majority of Equestrian activities take place in the Northern part of the Kingdom (up state NY and VT).  My goal in the next 12 to 24 months is to develop an Equestrian practice site in the Central Region (Mass., Conn., R.I.) and organize an Emprise based on King Rene's Book of the Tourney where the Tenant and Venant are two local barons/baronesses.

Companion of the Silver Crescent (EK-service)
Award of Arms
Companion of the Order of Burdened Tyger (EK award for autocrats and headcooks for Kingdom level events)
Holder of the King's Cypher of Jarl Bjorn Karlsson(service to the Crown)
Companion of the Daystar of Carolingia (Baronial Service)
Companion of the Perseus of Carolingia (Baronial Martial Award, in my case for Equestrian Activites)
Court Baron
Companion of the Pelican

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