Alexis LaBouche

Per pale azure and argent, a balance within a bordure embattled,counterchanged
Badge:  A gauntlet argent seizing a scale azure

o        Award of Arms

o        Companion to the Order of the Sable Falcon

o        Companion to the Order of the Serpent's Toils

o        Companion to the Order of the Sable Crane

o        Premier of the Order of the Golden Bridle

o        Premier holder of the King's Blade of Honor

o        Companion to the Order of the Iris of Merit

o        Companion to the Order of the Star of Merit

o        Companion to the Order of the Sable Thistle

o        Companion to the Order of the Lion of Ansteorra

o        Knight of the Society

o        Pelican of the Society

o        Baron to the Court of Ansteorra

o        Premier Companion of the Golden Lance

o       Companion to the Order of the Otter

Offices held
Minister of the Horse of the Kingdom of Ansteorra (KEO),
High Chancellor to the Kingdom of Ansteorra (legal officer). 


Born in Outremer in 1410 and named after the byzantine emperor Alexius Comemnius, I made my way up into northern Europe getting some education along the way.  Coming of age in the midst of the Hundreds Years War, I soon joined up with a band of English soldiers and took advantage of the ripe opportunities that France offered.  Slowly, I rose through the ranks fighting under a variety of captains.  Eventually I put together my own Company and set up in number of areas to levy the patis against the local towns.  These enterprises brought some fame and fortune so I was eventually offered rank and station fighting for the English crown.  Over the years we fought a holding action as we were slowly chased out
of France.  Fortunately, something had been put away for a rainy day and I managed a comfortable retirement to England.  Relocating to the Yorkshire region, I managed to come out of retirement as Richard the Duke of York put forth his claim to displace that madman Henry the Sixth.  As many of my company had moved with me we began campaigning on behalf of the Yorkist cause and thus continue in service to Edward the Fourth as we march towards Towton.

Hastings reenactment event in the US-NOT SCA
The event was hosted by Norsa, but featured a number of people from several other groups as well.  Almost half the people came over from England or Scotland as members of The Vikings.  There were also some Jomsvikings, as well as a couple of riders from Conroi Fitzosbern, a group out of Georgia.  Overall, it was intended as an alternative to the large Battle of Hastings event held at Battle, since English Heritage decided not to make this year's event a 'big one'.   It was also promoted as a chance to get together all the earlier period groups (Viking/Saxon/Norman) that are scattered all over the U.S.
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