The Letters of Intent - Emprise of the Black Lion IV


Heed the words of those who will take up lance, sword and mace and ride in the Emprise.

M'Lady Equiama Incognita

Unto the honored and virtuous ladies of the berfois, noble patrons,
gallant competitors, and all else who come to these letters,

Know me only as the M'lady Equiama Incognita, for I cannot reveal my
true name nor my station, but you shall recognize me by my crest, a

In the Emprise, I will ride my horse, Non Nomen and be attended by
my groom, Nemo. You will recognize them as they will carry these
arms: Per fess, or and azure, a basket and demi-sun inverted, both
issuant from the line of division, counterchanged.

For as I cannot reveal my true name, I cannot reveal my true heart.
Know he who inspires me as Carus Maritus.

As I have nothing, I can offer nothing but my willingness to compete.

May we all ride in honor and virtue, for the glory of the berfois.

So be it witnessed this Twenty-sixth day of August, being Anno
Societas 38, Era Mundi 2004.

Equiama Incognita
Si minor plus est ergo nihil sunt omnia.


I Strider,

Having been victorious over all my brother knights in retrieving the cast gauntlet,
except the challenge to face the best of AnTir’s equestrian hoard at the Emprise
of the Black Lion.

I carry titles ancient and am scared by decades of battles, yet still would I
defend the honor so lightly thrown down in challenge to we the chivalry.

Guard yourselves closely, for The Sable, winged Unicorn of Duramen does fly free
and advances to do battle in furious onslaught with lance raised, hooves flashing
and sword gleaming..

Mark ye well my words for I am Knight, Earl, Viscount and older in part than this
very Kingdom that I defend.

So say I,

Strider, the King’s man
Knight, Earl, Viscount
the Duramen

Sir Rapheal the Rogue

To hear this in the vulgar tongue be at the Emprise and my herald
will translate.

Interrogatis, quis est venere hic? Sum Illum!
Interrogatis, quis provoco par regnum ad rex nostre corono equitare
hic? Sum Illum!
Interrogatis, quis perduco peregrinatorae in peregrination
orientalis? Sum Illum!
Interrogatis, quis censit reces et princeps apud suus amicus? Sum
Interrogatis, quis rexerat terram alienus plenus cum noblis et fortis
homin? Sum Illum!
Interrogatis, quis agnoscit per suus par causa peritia in ars Pax et
Bellum? Sum Illum!
Interrogatis, quis ergo levant sublimes status equestris dignitas et
sertum laurus ponunt super eum? Sum Illum!
Interrogatis, quis equitat equus bellator Luna? Sum Illum!
Interrogatis, quis nunt amica domina Tessella et comitatus suus
Maeve, Tallis, et Bjorki? Sum Illum!
Hic Sum!
Hic Contendo!
Hic Meritum Confirmo!
Rapheal sum, Propugnator Terius Equitatio Certatio Leo Nigram!
Sum Illum!


Ghyselbrecht Kokeman

Unto the most noble and beautious ladies of the befrois from your
cousine Maitresse Anne-Marie d'Ailleurs

I commend unto thee my kinsman, one Ghyselbrecht Kokeman. He would
ride for your amusement at the Emprise this October, God willing.

The most noble and gracious Queen Daegmar has granted him the right to
style himself a member of her Guard for the festivities and the poor
boy is quite beside himself. Good cousines, it would be a great
service to me if you would please look after my kinsman. What he
lacks in intellect or true skill he makes up for in enthusiasm and
good intent.

You may know him by his livery of Burgundian Blue and white with the
cross of St Andrew in which he dresses his retainers, or by his own
arms of red and white checky, with a cookpot. His caparison sports
the blue of Burgundy and the silver fleurs of his friend Antoine (I
fear the poor lad has had to hock his very horse and armor in an
effort to make a good appearance. He mentioned that he will be riding
on a borrowed horse this event, as his usual mount has come up lame,
or so he says...).

In any case, any small kindness you could throw his way would be met
with gratitude on my part and no doubt boundless joy on his. Poor
boy. He doesn't get out much.

I remain, ever in your service and debt, good cousines,

PS, please convey to the heralds of the day my greetings, and if
they may feel free to associate my titles and rank unto my poor
so that he may enjoy some small protection in my absence.

Anne-Marie d'Ailleurs
Member of the order of the Pelican by the hand of Barak and Lao
Member of the Order of the Laurel by the hand of Davin and Groa
Baroness of the Court of AnTir by the hand of Skapti and Asa
Member of the order of the Carp by the hand of Wilam and Siobhan
Holder of the Kings Favor by the hand of Skapti
Holder of the forget me knot by the hands of Daedin and of Gabrielle
Chancellor for the University of Ithra since AS XXIII
Regent for the University of Ithra
Magistra Ithra (3x)
Member of the Order of the Red Branch
Holder of the Tsveti Madrone (culinary)

Giraldus Evienece

Unto THL Tara Ban Marca, most Honored Lady,
do I Giraldus Evienece,
send greetings this 15th day of September 2004.
I write you this Letter that I intend to take the field beside my parents in the
Black Lion Emprise and I bear their favors.

My mother is the
beauteous Lady warrior Donwenna La Mareschale. I will bear my registered device,
which shows that I am the son of the great
warrior THL Agelos Evienece: Sable, in pale a wolf's head
cabossed and two swords in saltire within an orle argent overall
a label Or. I shall ride my gallant steed, Valerius. He is the strongest and bravest
horse I know. You will know me by my crest: a snarling wolf’s head draped in a yellow ribbon.
My accomplishments are few, but it is my hope that I will
continue the great warrior tradition of my family
and that I will do them honor on the field of glory.
By my hand this day,
Giraldus Evienece

I, Mikalya Taddio, from the Shire of Midhaven do hearby declare my intent to compete in the Fourth Annual Emprise of the Black Lion on my noble steed Blue.

You may know me by my arms, the collors orange and green one above the other, mounted as a flag.
- or -
You may know me by being the only girl child to ride.

I am inspired to do greater deeds by my father Duncan Taddio

I shall also be using his herald lady Margarette

Declared this the 16th day of September, Anno Societatus XXXIX, being 2004 in the Common Era.


Donwenna La Mareschale

Greetings unto THL Tara BanMarca!
I, Donwenna La Mareschale , knowne as Beast Healer, do commend

myself to you as Nobles well suited to the field of combat.
I come before you as Captain of the Lance of St. Anne for the glory
and honor of horse and rider to accept your invitation
to stand Venant upon the field at the fourth annual Emprise of the Black Lion. My horse,
Antares, shall be my destrier in this most glorious venture.

I shall be known by my Arms on my billet:

Sable muletty argent, a palomino horse contourney courant proper,
in chief a tilting lance fesswise reversed Argent.

I shall ride bearing the Badge of the Company of St. Anne:

Sable, muletty argent, an armored horse's head couped contourney a bordure.

And displaying the Company of St. Anne motto:

Cum honore equitate, vincete omnibus gloriam !
(We ride with Honor, we win Glory for All ! )

And I shall be known by my crest:

A great fan of black ostrich feathers overlaid with white ostrich feathers and 3 eye of
peacock feathers in base and surmounting all, a white star.

Know me also by my accomplishments: Lady of the Society, Holder of the Tower of Dreiburgen ,
Holder of the Illuminated Tower of Dreiburgen for Equestrian Arts, Companion of the
Order of the Harp Argent for Equestrian Arts,
Holder of the Horse Token from the Princess of the Mists, Companion of the Goutte de Sang, and
perhaps the only Society
member to ever hold both a Caid Dolphin and an Aquaterra Dolphin--aye, a pod of dolphins for
Know me by my lineage as Student to the most Glorious Baroness Anastasia
Alexandrovna Andreeva, Companion tothe Laurel, Order of the Carp, and Order of the Coeur deLyon.

Know me by my service to Queens! It was my honor in Caid to serve with my destrier, Venus,
on the Queen's Horse Guard for Their Royal Majesties : Alisandra, Larissa, Deshive,
Ceinwen, Darla,and Trista.

By Right of Arms I won Her Majesty Darla,
Queens’s Equestrian Championship.
And it was my honor to provide further service to all of the Society as
the Third SCA -wide Equestrian Officer. I created the Society Equestrian Marshallate badge
that all of Equestrian Marshals across the Known World now bear.
I serve now as an Equestrian Marshal of An Tir and Society -wide Equestrian Marshal of the Field.

I am the Founding Seneschal of the Incipient Shire of Earnrokke.

At my side will ride my right-beloved husband and champion, The Honorable Lord Agelos Evienece
and my brave son, Giraldus Evienece, whose favors I bear. We hail from
Earnrokke in the great Kingdom of An Tir!

Done by my hand this day 17 September 2004,

THL Donwenna La Mareschale

Lord Dominico Taddio

I dominico Taddio having been well schooled in the arts of riding  by my
arab captors,shall set forth on the appointed day at the appointed hour to
challenge all commers to honorable combat and compitition. I eagrly
anticipate the comming event and trust to bring glory to An Tir
Lord Dominico Taddio Gallant of Aquaterra

Lady Cornelia Cheval-Noir

For the honor of my Maitresse, the famous and worthy Baroness Anne-Marie
D'Ailleurs, I, Lady Cornelia Cheval-Noir, and my steed, who may only be
know as "Fluffy" (so named by my most noble Maitresse), shall meet all who
would give us honorable challenge on the field at the Emprise of the Black
Lion IV. You may know me by my (pending) arms: Per fess wavy argent and
azure, a demi horse erect issuant from the line of division sable, a bordure

You may also know me by "Fluffy"'s astonishing beauty, for he is a prince
among horses, and has travelled to our shores from lands far distant from our
realm. Lo, he is slow, but as vastly as his spirit plods, more vastly does his
beauty dazzle the eye.

I have few accolades, but offer them here for your pleasure. I have the honor
of having served as former Bardic Champion of the Barony of Madrone, and
Queen Alyssia did grant me the Sable Chime for my Bardic prowess.

Though I have ridden in every preceding Empris of the Black Lion, my skills
are humble in the equestrian realm, and may be further hampered by the
attendance of my young sons at this Empris. But I come with joy, for on this
earth, there is no more glorious time than that spent with noble steeds and
noble warriors in a noble game.

From my heart I thank my equine inspiriations: My Maitresse; Sir Rapheal the
Rogue; his beauteous lady Mistress Kerij-e; and Lady Aeschine Garranagh,
for their constant help and succor. Though I may at times be weak of body,
through their uplifting and honorable deeds I am made strong.

Always in service to God, and to God's most delightful creation, the horse,

Lady Cornelia Cheval-Noir
Per fess wavy argent and azure, a demi horse erect issuant from the line of
division sable, a bordure vert

Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway

To All Who Would Ride on the Emprise Field, Greetings,

I'm getting to old for this but once again I'm oiling up the wheels on
my walker, gurding my loins with Depends and will venture forth
to ride in the Emprise. My goal this year is to chastise any Duke's
of An Tir that may venture to ride. I'm going to send them home
crying for their mommy's. You know who you are, I don't need to
post any names. You will know me by the arms I bare:

Or, a Battleax Gules, Hafted Sable, within a Double Tressure Sable

By my hand this day, 18 Sept AS XXXVIII

Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway
First Knight of An Tir
Black Lion Emerirus
Order of the Silver Rose - 3 times

Ceara Roisin

It is both an honor and a privilege to accept this challenge to ride in
competition at the Black Lion Emprise.  My mighty steed, Pacmann, also
eagerly awaits to prove his prowess on the field.

By my arms you shall know me: Or, 3 gules roses argent and a gules horses
head couped.

Also know me by my office, Mistress of Arts and Sciences of the most
gracious Shire of Midhaven.

I shall ride for the honor of my shire and that of my noble lord, Sven inn

Yours in Service,
Ceara Roisin

THL Khaidu Naranaimorin

Hail most Honorable Ladyship Taradan ban Marca and those present,

I am known in this western land of An Tir as His Lordship Khaidu Naranaimorin and in your tounge as Khaidu the Sunhorse. I exclaim my intent to stand Venant in this the Fourth Black Lion Emprise.

I am Khan of the People of the Sunhorse known in my land as Naranaimorinton. I am the Kingdom Constable, servant of the Crown of An Tir. Member of the Order of the Goutte de Sang, presented the Kingdom Constabulary Award for outstanding service to the safety and security of An Tir, holder of both the token of the Acacia for service to Shittimwoode and token of the Fang for introducing and forwarding the Equestrian Martial Arts in Shittimwoode.

I bear the favor of my lovely lady, Her Ladyship Aiken also known as Marie the Gamesmistress.

Ye may know me by my Arms:
Or, on a sun quartered gules and sable, a horses head couped argent.

I shall ride into glorious combat the right and noble steed Peppy who is war hardened and ready for battle.

The Great Khan of the Mongol People has once again sent me to test the mettle of the warriors of this land. Prepare thyselves for the Storm of the East comes and shalt crush thou who art unworthy. Prove thy worth and show that honor flourishes in this land. Let nothing, even victory stand between ye and the dream we hold so high. Honor is our watchword.

May Tengri look upon us all with favor.

Given by my hand on this 19th day of September, 2004, AS XXXIX

THL Khaidu Naranaimorin


I Mungo.

I have horse.
Horse name Noel.
We ride and kill things.
We come to Om-pree.

Mungo still like prizes and sheep.
Will there be any Sheep?

Mungo is sad.
Duke Skapti can not attend this year.
Duke Skapti is sad.
So, Mungo will ride for Duke Skapti.

Mungo still has a mum, and a da.

Mungo rides for honor of wife, Violante Von Osterreich.
Wife is teacher of great horsemen.

Mungo’s greatest award is to ride for Duke Skapti.

Mungo’s blazin’ is an Alpha in an anglicized crown.

Mungo’s crest may be a sheep, if Mungo can catch one....

Briana nic h Eusaidh

And now at the last, forward do I ride this aetheric steed, to raise high my lance and greet this noble company upon this Mabon eve:

Greetings unto the noble Gentlefolk of the Berfrois, for this high Emprise, from one who would meet with your approval upon the tiltyard this upcoming October!

I hight Briana nic h Eusaidh, filidhe n An Tir, agus Skaptisskald.

For titles I bear none but those above, by choice of place and time, but I have served at the feet of Kings, advised the ear of Queens, and brought to laughter noble Dukes. I wish to ride in honour of my Liege, Skapti, to ensure he is adequately represented upon the field.

I bear the arms of a sable swan guarding her home havens, her wings upraised as she glides upon a wave-tossed lake, and the silver of the clouds that her enshroud is pierced by the shape of two hearts, through which the deep azure of the sky may be seen.

I shall ride forth upon the excellent Noel, as companion-at-lance to the valorous Mungo, the just Margaree, and the wise Violante. As best we may, we aim to embody some few of the many virtues to be seen in our great lord, Skapti Thorinsson, Duke of the Land. Call us Skapti s Lance.

Scriobhim, an fichiu lath na n naou luneadh, (I write, on the twentieth of September,)

Briana nic h Eusaidh,

Taim an Difruiul Drumadeoir!

Margaree ny Kenneth

Unto Her Ladyship Taradan ban Marca and all those to whom these presents
come does Margaree ny Kenneth, Protege to Her Excellency Countess Elisabeth
de Rossignol, Ducal Bard to his Grace Duke Skapti Thorinsson, and personal
Herald to His Excellency Edward Cire of Greymoor send heartfelt greetings.

Long have I been a servant of An Tir. Nine Kings have I served as Their
Voice by day's light, and yet still sang nine Queens to rest
come night's fall. Bard and Herald, I give of songs as my service, and hone
the other to an art. Awarded Arms by Darius and Morgaine, bestowed the
Goutte de Sang by the hands of Brendan and Arianna, and made bearer of the
Jambe de Lion by the grace of Davin and Groa, bound in association to the
Nightingale of Wyewood, Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, servant Herald and
Negotiator to the noble Earl Edward Cire of Greymoor upon the field of
Chivalry's Day, I also proudly stand as loyal retainer, friend and
entertainer to my Duke, Skapti Thorinsson, thrice King of An Tir.

Spurred onward with the inspiration of His Grace's virtues, I am compelled
to proclaim my intent to enter the challenge of the upcoming Emprise of the
Black Lion, where I will take up all challenges upon Belle, by the
generosity and grace of Violante von Osterreich.

May I bring His Grace honour by my deeds on that day, as I am honoured to
serve him. Until that day when we shall meet upon the field, I remain,

Yours in service,

Margaree ny Kenneth

Lady Aeschine Gearranach

My most humble apologies for the lateness of my missive, there were many
obstacles - muddy roads, lost horseshoes, and bandits littered the path of
my courier however he has preserved to deliver my challenge!  (i.e. e-mail

Greetings to all who will meet upon the tourney field at the grand Emprise
of the Black Lion IV!

For the glory and honor of horse and rider; I, Lady Aeschine Gearranach and
my swift mount Willow du Lac, Sired by Galahad Du Lac out of Sorsha - here
fresh in her first season of feeling a rider upon her back, shall meet all
who would give challenge honorably on the field of the Emprise of the Black
Lion IV.  This day, I,  Lady Aeschine and Willow ride forth for the honor of
the Royal Patrons of their shire, Earl Sir Edward Cire of Greymoor, Master
of the Pelican, and Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, Mistress of the Pelican
and of the Laurel, and under the sponsorship of Mistress Ynesen Ongge Xong
Kerij-ee.  You may know me by my yet unregistered arms: Per Chevron gules
and vert, two crescents and a sheep passant argent.  You shall see my steed
and I as we charge across the tournament field as a bright blur of orange. 
You shall observe that upon my helm rests a silver moon, which none but the
most godlike of challengers may send from its perch.  Let us show the Known
World our love of the horse, of the tourney, of spirit, chivalry and honor,
in a grand display of equestrian might and skill, at this, the Black Lion

Signed by my own hand, this ASXXXIV, being the 20 of September, at
my manse in the Shire of Wyewood.

Lady Aeschine Gearranach

THL Agelos Evienece

Greetings unto THL Tara BanMarca!
Hail Your Ladyship!
I come before you in all Honor to proffer my Letter of Intent to compete
in the Fourth Annual Emprise of the Black Lion.
Know me by my Arms:
Sable, a snarling wolf's head couped affronty and in base crossed swords

Know me also by my Crest:
A white wolf's head .

Know me also by my accomplishments: Lord of the Society, Companion of
the Order of the Crescent Sword, Companion of the Order of the Harp
Argent, Foret d'Or, Illuminated Tower of Dreibeurgen for Combat and
Equestrian Arts, and Jambe d'Leone

I protected Caid Queen's by serving on the Heavy Weapons Guard for Their
Royal Majesties, Diana, Lynn, and Cassandra. My destrier, Titus and I
served on the Queen's Horse Guard for Trista

I was Captain of the Caidan warband, the Lance of St. John for 8 years.

I served as a Senior Heavy Weapons Marshal for Caid for over 20years.
I served as the first Caidan Kingdom Equestrian Officer, Minister and
Regent of the Caid Academy of Equestrian Arts, and Equestrian Marshal of
Caid and An Tir.

I am the Royal Equestrian of AN TIR and the Equestrian Champion for the
Barony of Dragon's Laire,

My motto is:
A man holds himself erect---he is not held erect by others (Marcus Aurelius)

I bear the favor of  my lady-wife, THL Donwenna La Mareschale.

I now toss the Gauntlet upon the Field! Who shall take it up and meet
my Noble Challenge?
Done by my hand this day 20 September 2002,
THL Agelos Evienece, Premier of the Lance of St. Anne

HL Thorkel Haraldsson

Unto my fellow competitors, Welcome!

I, Thorkel Haraldsson, as seneschal of Midhaven, your host, send Greetings!

Once more I will ride the field upon my noble steed,
the mighty George, to drive all before me.
Be it spear, sword or other adventure,
I intend to make you ride hard.

Is the King’s Lance at hand?
I will strive to earn a place.

The Honorable Lady Taradan banMarca is my Inspiration.
Should I be successful, be assured there is only one reason:
That she stands with me and makes
my arm strong and my heart bold!

By my service to Shire and Kingdom I was honored to be
admitted as a Companion of the noble Order of the Goutte d’Sang.

Ye shall know my by my Arms upon surcoat, shield and billet:
Azure goutty d’eau, on a pile raguly argent a fir tree eradicated gules.

My spurs are shined, my sword is sharpened and I will meet you
in the Lists at the Emprise of the Black Lion IV!

By my hand this 23rd day of September,  A.S. XXXIX 

HL Thorkel Haraldsson



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