Ermine, a horse passant contourny vert

Outlands Kingdom Equestrian Officer
Outlands Equestrian Marshal
Chronicler of Bofharrach (AS XXIX-XXX)

Silver Lance -- the Outlands (premier) 2004-07-03
Grant of Arms  2001-03-16
Silver Stirrup -- the Outlands  1999-06-19
Golden Ring of Unser Hafen -- Unser Hafen  1999-06-19
Builders of the Portcullis of Unser Hafen -- Unser Hafen  2006-06-03
Award of Arms  1997-01-04
Baroness of the Court -- Outlands 2012-05-12

A lowlander scotswoman, Moyra lives near the Scottish/England border
with her husband, Lorcan, and her daughter, Kathryn.   Moyra's family have raised horses for decades and are reknowned for training fighting horses.  Her favorite past time is crossing over the border to raid English holdings of their horses and she has a special penchant for
black and white cows.  Her first war horse was a sturdy red dun named Wyndyll known far and wide for his obnoxious ground manners and his courage under saddle.  His favorite past time was lifting the skirts of ladies who think he is cute!  ( his favorite targets are Countesses).

Jeanne Mitchell
In modern life, I am known as Jeanne Mitchell and I have a husband, Lauren, &  a daughter, Samantha.  My 1st SCA warhorse ,Wyndy, was a 16 year old QH who had done just about everything from Driving to Dressage to Western Pleasure to Gymkhana to whatever happens to look like fun.  I also had a 17.1 hand TB named Atom, who is my Dressage horse, but is too big to fit in my trailer.  My current warhorse is Hank.   Other pets include, Molly the mutt-dog, Purdee the dingy dalmation, Racky the cat with only one life left, and Hobbs the possessed manx kitty.  I am a certified riding instructor and barn manager as well as a show groom.  I don't work as a professional any more because I am not able to travel enough to make a living. So I work part time at the county court house and part time at a vet clinic to support my out-of-control horse habit.

My husband and I  found the SCA 12 years ago and within 6 monthes were autocratting our first Cattle raid and haven't looked back since!

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