Hail Venant!
Greetings to all who would carry lance upon the tiltyard! welcome to the Emprise of the Ring of the Athanor. This Emprise is held as a memorial to Master Johaness the Black of the Athanor.

The Emprise is the premier  equestrian tournament. held in the style of a  Pas d'Armes.  Riders will compete in three competitions, known as the Hastiludes: ring tilt, javelin, quintain.  This will be followed by jousting.

Tentative Schedule in Arena 2
11 am 11:30       Invocation of the Venants
11:30 1pm  Hastiludes Challenge
1pm2pm     Lunch/rest horses
2pm-3 pm   Jousting Demo by Lance of St Anne
3 pm     Closing Court - Champions announced 

Format :
1.) The Tiltyard will be set up in such a way as to allow two riders to
compete at the same time. Each will start their run at the same time from opposite
ends of the lyst. The second run will be the same way. A safe central area known as the Green is in the center and harbors the groundcrew.





2.) The Ladies of the Berfrois may call upon certain  RIders to compete against each other. They  will each be allowed to call for two challenges for their own pleasure at any time during the tourney. They can call for any rider match up they want .  This does not count towards the final champion score.

4.) Each judges will also be given a special token to give out to any
rider they choose should they feel he/she has distinguished themselves in some

Please see Resources for help in creating your image for this event.

A: A horse  Each rider must make provisions for their own mount(s), either by bringing their own or by renting one locally.

B Each rider is required to have full barding for their horse, of a heraldic
nature, according to your persona. The arms displayed may be the rider's personal arms, device or badge of their Kingdom or home group, or those of a Tourney or other Company to which they belong. Ideally the barding must cover the horse, saving only that you may leave the head and neck uncovered if you wish. But forequarters and hindquarters must be covered down to the knees or lower. Strap barding  with a Period saddle cloth cover will be allowed if it is true to your persona.  The intent is to provide the highest level of pageantry.  Additional points will be given for this category, plus a special prize from the Ladies of theBefrois.

D. For this Emprise, each rider will have to wear his/her helm w/ crest for the Opening
Processional and for the Behord. Riders may wear their helms for the Hastiludes or Gauntlet Crests may be as tall or large
as the wearer wishes, but may be no less than five(5) inches in height. Crests
do not have to be made of period materials but should be made so as to conform
to period heraldic practice as regards to appearance. i.e. there should be
no nonsense such as a pink fuzzy bunny stuck onto a helmet as a crest.
Anything like that will be rejected at the discretion of the judges and that
rider will not participate in the tourney. Paticipants are encouraged to make their crest match their persona.

C: Personal Livery  In accordance to SCA guidelines, each rider must wear an attempt at medieval clothing.  Riders may use a modern riding helmet provided it is suitably disguised.

D: Livery  Each rider is encouraged to provide livery for him/herself and any valets or men-at-arms to accompany them, of a heraldic fashion.
.a. Optional attendants are suggested as follows:
Royal Peers - 4,
Landed Baron/ess - 3,
bestowed Peer - 3,
Court Baron/ess - 2,
All others - 1.
No  Herald is required, but is strongly encouraged; the herald does not count as an attendant.

G: Tourney Billet  Each rider is required to have a wooden tourney billet, 5 inches wide by 8 inches in length, with a cord or thong attached at the top so the billet can hang. On it should be the rider's device and crest. 


A: All riders must conform to the requirements of participation.

B: Each rider must provide a letter of Intent by March1, 2007
C.  Riders must be Authorized  Advanced Level on the horse they will be riding in the Emprise.


Display of Billets and Crests:
Each rider's helmet and crest and/or billet is placed on display in a special gallery; the assembled lords and ladies at the tourney will review these, making comments upon them and the character or the bearer of each, which will be recorded on their tourney cheque.  Participants who have caused consternation to the ladies in attendance may find themselves at the end of some elaborate jests 

At this time, anyone wishing to bestow special favor upon their champion, may do so now.

Entry of Judges:
After some time, and just prior to the start of the tourney, there will be a ceremonial entry of the Ladies of the Berfrois and the Marshal's. At this time, all riders will be liveried and tacked up, their mounts and entourage prepared. In the fore of each will be their Banner Carrier followed by the rider(s) and any attendants. Each will stand at ready just outside of the tiltyard.

Debut of the Riders:
As each Rider is called forward, their entourage will advance towards the Judges box (berfrois) as  the Emprise  Herald-at-Arms,   proclaims their lineage, blazon and precedence. Riders advance, bow, answer "yes" when the judges make inquiry as to their intention to tourney, and salute their beloved and/or make some other presentation if they wish. They then return to the recet (area of preparation/staging area).

Hastiludes Tourney:  The tiltyard will be set up as three lanes. The outside lanes will be for the competitors, the inside lane (known as the Green) will be for the groundsgrew.  Two competitors will compete from opposite directions at the same time.

This will consist of three Hastiludes as follows:
Tilting at Rings: two passes at a row of brackets containing an assortment of rings of differing sizes. Points are allotted varying with the size of ring.
Javelin Throw: Two passes. Points assigned to where you strike target.
Quitain: Two passes, scored by number of rotations, with deductions for strikes upon body or head by counterweight. 

Procession to the Place of Just Reward:
When the tourney is finished, the riders will be called to gather before the Ladies at the Berfrois, whereupon the prizes for the tourney will be given out. At this time the ladies will come forward as well, to thank their champion for his/her efforts.

In addition to the Martial contests, there will also be competition for "PrImus Equus" for Overall  best Rider prowess;  "Best Heraldic Display" for best overall display by rider and attendants, and largesse distributed by the Ladies of the Befrois and from the Populace.

Heraldic Announcement

Greetings Venants,

This is a further reminder of what is required information .
In this order I want:
1.Your name
2.All titles, awards, and offices held or holding
3.Name of home group and Kingdom
4.A description of your device
5.A description of your crest
6.Motto if you have one
7.The name of the person whose favor you bear (who you are riding for)
8.If you are an associate of a Peer then I require your lineage
( squire/protégé/apprentice to Sir/Master/Mistress so-and-so of Sir/Master/Mistress such-and-such, etc.etc)

Remember: I want all this information given in the order it is written above. You must send it to me with your Letter of Intent, but on seperate sheet of paper.

Please review the information you have and fill in any blanks. If I don't get it, it will not be included in the script. You don't want that and neither do I.
The debut of riders is a moment for them to shine. A good debut can
make a real impact on those watching. The judges will be making a point of watching for particularly good debuts.
All riders can make some kind presentation during their debut. It can be a simple salute to the judges or as elaborate as the rider wishes it to be. I only ask that it be of reasonable time length.

Remember that the cut-off date for heraldic information is the 1 March, 2007
Thank you,

THL Donwenna

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