AN TIR (1996-2011)

I  have taught in  An Tir practically from the moment I moved up here over 15 years ago. I  have taught equestrian marshals and riders classes on  riding, weapons handling on horseback, and  mounted archery. I have also taught classes on care of the horse, hunting on horseback,  how to make barding, medieval horse medicine, and more.  Frequently, I am  often called to teach outside of kingdom as well as here in An Tir.

Shire Training sessions- For many years I have hauled our equipment to periodic shire SCA EQ training sessions and  SCA Equestrian Playdays.  At these sessions, I taught people how to ride, handle weapons on horseback and about the SCA equestrian activities (like IKEQC). I also taught groundcrew how to set up the activities and the equipment and how to be safe around the horses as well as how to score. An average of 18 people come out to these sessions from Shittemwoode all the way down to Madrone!

Tournaments Illuminated magazine--published three articles.


Equestrian Marshal  -I have co-trained 5 EMITs  so that they are now authorized EMs.  I take training very seriously and anyone who trains with us is given a copy  Hawksheye Equestrian Students Handbook , personal training, and all the support that they choose in order to become authorized EMs.  

Ithras - I taught Equestrian Weapons Handling, Garbing the Horse and Rider,  Veterinary Q & A, Beginning Riding at both Equestrian Ithra Lion's Gate-1999 &  Autumn War  Ithra-2003

SCA-wide Equestrian Marshal of the Field-Deputy to the SCA-wide Equestrian Officer.  I am tasked with long distance training of new Kingdom Equestrian Officers for those Kingdoms who are just starting their Equestrian Activities. 

Atlantia-All Things Marshal 2005.   Atlantia imported me to teach at this event June 30-July 3.

THL Donwenna LaMareschale

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Caid 1983-1996
An Tir 1996-present
Donwenna on Bunny
at Wolf Moon Emprise
2006 competed in Emprise and taught class on Medieval Hunting
Donwenna's  Projects
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Trimaris- Wolf Moon- 2006. Kingdom paid my way to teach at this event January 2006  Click here for pictures  and more pictures here

Gulf Wars XV-2006-taught 2 classes : Medieval Horse Medicine, Medieval hunting, and Mounted Archery

Private training-(on going)-I often get requests from people everywhere to answer questions about many aspects of medieval equestrian items.  I work with people in person and send them information whenever they ask.

Caid (1983-1996)
Annual Equestrian Teaching Day
I found the event copy for this --it started out 1986 at my very first property in Caid. Duke Armand was the autocrat and he taught me how to teach weapons handling. I mostly concentrated on teaching people how to stay on the horses. This became an annual event and I continued to teach but as I became more profiecient at weapons handling, I started teaching that.

Quadrilles I taught riders how to do the quadrille pattern and then we performed it for a Queens Art Tea.

Hawksheye Equestrian students training seminars--I ran two full sets of these six weekend seminars at my property and loaned out my horses inorder to teach beginning riding, weapons handling and basic horse health.  iIfocused on SCA Equestrian events and taught ground crew as well because some people wanted to participate but didn't necessarily want to ride.

Collegiums- Three classes:
SCA Equestrian Weapons Handling
Veterinary Q & A--Horse Health for the SCA equestrian
How to Garb Your Horse

PENNSIC (1995)- Horses are not alowed at Pennsic, but we still had about 30 students from across the Knowne Worlde show up for the classes: SCA Equestrian Regulations, How to Garb Your Horse, A Survey of  SCA Equestrian Activities

SCA-wide Equestrian Officer-I assisted Ansteorra, Middle, East, Outlands, Atlantia, Drachenwald, Atenveldt, Trimaris, and Calontir with developing their Equestrian Activities and regulations; I actually trained riders and Equestrian Marshals in person (Outlands and The West had actual seminars for me to run; and at Gulf Wars 1995) or via email and long distance by answering questions and sending reams of information. I wrote the original Equestrian Marshallate Quiz ten years ago and some form of it is in use in every kingdom to this day to authorize EMTs as EMs.